Hemospon Clip Flow

Dental composites

Hemospon Clip Flow is a light-curing, easy-to-apply, fluid composite resin. It is a transparent colored product in a single-component syringe that is easy to handle, apply, and ready to use. The product dos not damage the preparation margins and is elastic after photoactivation.

ANVISA REG. No.: 80322409019

Hemospon Clip Flow is indicated for:
• Temporary restoration in endodontics, prosthetics, and dentistry to temporarily seal the pulp cavity;
• Temporary sealing of screws on implants;
• Confection of matrix for occlusal sculpture of posterior teeth restored with composite resins (due to its easy removal);
• Temporary treatment in the onlay and inlay techniques;
• Fixation of plastic matrices in restoration procedures.

1 Syringe with 2 g e 5 tips