Hemospon Pattern Paste

Dental composites

Product based on monomers and fillers used in ferulization procedures. Ideal for clinical work, as it has plasticity and density when applied to the working area. Hemospon Pattern Paste has a paste-like consistency, making it possible to sculpt patterns according to the needs of the case. In addition, the paste presentation makes it possible to apply large quantities depending on the clinical case.

ANVISA REG. No.: 80322409027

Hemospon Pattern Paste is indicated for the ferulization of impression transfers on two or more implants and is intended for use by dental surgeos and prosthetic technicians. Due to its consistency, the paste version facilitates sculpting and modeling in techniques that require the application of large quantities. Its indications include:

  • Relief;
  • Molding shells;
  • Fixing fixed prosthesis elements;
  • Occlusal registration;
  • Attachment;
  • Jig;
  • Protocol bars;
  • Ceramic protocol structure.

Available in colors: red, green, blue and A1.

1 Syringe of Hemospon Pattern Paste with 3 g.