Hemospon Tape

Dental hemostatic sponge

Hemospon is a lyophilized gelatin hemostatic sponge. Hemospon has a healing hemostatic action and is completely absorbable by the body in approximately 2 to 8 weeks. Hemospon is non-toxic and pyrogen-free, ready for use. It is packed in individual blisters, and the product is presented sterile, being sterilized by gamma radiation.

ANVISA REG. No.: 80322400100

Hemospon is indicated during and after surgical procedures to obtain local hemostasis, especially when bleeding control by conventional methods is ineffective. In dental surgical procedures, Hemospon, besides providing hemostasis, also has the following purposes:

Hemospon TAPE: protection of wounds produced during dental procedures, such as periodontal surgeries, closure of graft donor areas (palatal donors), stabilization of particulate bone grafts and in maxillary sinus surgery (Schneider membrane lifting/repair).

2,5 x 7,5 cm – Package with 1 unit.